Knowledge Base | System

1. Troubleshoot an unexpected router reboot
2. Use Let's Encrypt Certificate for your DDNS Domain
3. Schedule a Router Reboot
4. Activate DrayDDNS Service for a Free Hostname
5. Renew License Key for WCF Service
6. Get Notified About Connection Loss by Email
7. Use High Availability in Active-Standby Mode (For Vigor3900 and Vigor2960)
8. Use High Availability in Hot-Standby Mode
9. Access a Vigor130 in Bridge Mode
10. Upload Firmware to the Router via TFTP
11. Collecting router's Syslog
12. Manage the Router from the Internet
13. Why can't I access my Vigor Router?
14. Hot-Stanby Mode vs. Active-Standby Mode
15. Use Dynamic DNS (DDNS) for Router's Access
16. Reset Vigor Router To Factory Default Settings
17. How to login my Vigor Router
18. Use a Unique Self-Signed Certificate on the Router
19. How to open VigorAP's management page
20. Transfer the Router and License Key to Another MyVigor Account
21. How do I limit IP to access the management interfaces of router
22. Use Bonjour on Vigor Router