Register a TelegramBot for Smart Action

Smart Action supports using Telegram to send notifications. This article will show how to register a TelegramBot and use it to send notification messages with Smart Action.

  • Supported Models: Vigor3912S fw 4.3.6
  • Step 1: Create a chatbot on Telegram from your phone
  • 1.1 Search for @BotFather and add it to your contacts. @BotFather is a Bot used to create other Bots.
  • 1.2 Send a message /newbot to the bot, which will lead to creating your bot for sending the notifications.
  • -If it replies “choose a name for your bot”, you can enter the name like Vigor3912_Bot. The name must end in _Bot.

    -If it replies, “This username is already taken,” the name is already used. You must try a different name (also ending in _bot).

    -When the Bot is created successfully, it will reply to the token info.

    The token info will be used on the Vigor Router’s configuration later.

    Add your bot to your contacts by clicking the link

  • 1.3 Similarly, you can search for @userinfobot on Telegram and add it to your contacts. @userinfobot is a Bot you can ask for the Chat ID or user ID. Send a message /start to the bot, and he will reply with the Telegram Chat ID/User ID. The ID info will be used in the Vigor Router configuration.
  • Step 2: Create a Smart Action profile on Vigor Router
  • Enter the Comment for the Smart Action Profile
  • Select the Event Category; Remote Dial-In User is used in this example.
  • Select Disconnected for the Event Type and the range of the VPN Remote Dial-In User profiles;
  • Select the Action Category as System
  • Select Telegram as the Action Type
  • Paste your bot token obtained from step 1.2 to the Server URL bot token/sendMessage
  • Paste your Bot ID obtained from step 1.3 to the chat_id: “ID” in the POST Content.
  • Vigor Router will send a notification via Telegram when detecting a VPN remote dial-in user disconnected after the VPN is down for 60 seconds.

    Note that Smart Action supports sending Telegram notification for VPN Event Category and the Log Keyword Match Event Types.

    Published On:2024-06-26 

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