VigorACS 2

The Centralized Management and Remote Administration Software for All DrayTek Devices
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Key Features

auto updateProvisioning

Allow new devices to set themselves up and download the latest firmware.


Get notified when a device lost its WAN, VPN, or connection with the ACS server.


Network insights about device, client, and traffic over a specified period.

mesh_topologyVPN Wizard

Create an IPsec, L2TP, or SSL VPN between managed devices within a few clicks.

cogScheduled Maintenance

Schedule a off-hour firmware update, configuration change, or device restart

network reportReport

Generate network-based report about traffic, firmware version, device status and more.

Download for detailed Specification.

Compatible Devices

Vigor130 (f/w 3.8.2 or later)

Vigor165 (f/w 4.0.4 or later)

Vigor166 (f/w 4.0.5 or later)

Vigor2135 Series (f/w or later)

Vigor2620 LTE Series (f/w 3.8.11 or later)

VigorLTE 200n (f/w 3.8.14 or later)

Vigor2762 Series (f/w 3.8.8 or later)

Vigor2765 Series (f/w 4.0.5 or later)

Vigor2766 Series (f/w or later)

Vigor2832 Series (f/w 3.8.7 or later)

Vigor2862 Series (f/w 3.8.9 or later)

Vigor2862 LTE Series (f/w 3.8.9 or later)

Vigor2865 Series (f/w or later)

Vigor2865 LTE Series (f/w or later)

Vigor2866 Series (f/w 4.3.2 or later)

Vigor2866 LTE Series (f/w 4.3.2 or later)

Vigor2915 Series (f/w 4.0.5 or later)

Vigor2927 Series (f/w or later)

Vigor2927 LTE Series (f/w or later)

Vigor2962 (f/w 3.9.3 or later)

Vigor3910 (f/w 3.9.2 or later)

Phased-out Models :



Vigor2860 LTE


Vigor2925 LTE


Vigor2926 LTE







VigorAP 1000C (f/w 1.3.2 or later)

VigorAP 1060C (f/w 1.4.0 or later)

VigorAP 802 (f/w or later)

VigorAP 903 (f/w 1.3.1 or later)

VigorAP 912C (f/w 1.3.1 or later)

VigorAP 918R Series (f/w 1.3.2 or later)

VigorAP 920R Series (f/w 1.2.3 or later)

VigorAP 960C (f/w 1.3.8 or later)

Phased-out Models :

VigorAP 710

VigorAP 810

VigorAP 900

VigorAP 902

VigorAP 910C

VigorAP 900

VigorAP 902

VigorSwitch G1085 (f/w 2.6.0 or later)

VigorSwitch P2100 (f/w 2.6.5 or later)

VigorSwitch G2100 (f/w 2.6.5 or later)

VigorSwitch G2121 (f/w 2.6.0 or later)

VigorSwitch P2280x (f/w 2.6.1 or later)

VigorSwitch G2280x (f/w 2.6.1 or later)

VigorSwitch P2540xs (f/w 2.6.3 or later)

VigorSwitch G2540xs (f/w 2.6.3 or later)

Phased-out Models :

VigorSwitch P1085

VigorSwitch P1280

VigorSwitch G1280

VigorSwitch P2121

VigorSwitch P2280

VigorSwitch G2280

VigorSwitch P2500

VigorSwitch G2500

VigorSwitch P2540x

VigorSwitch G2540x

Note : For the phased-out models : As the software and hardware have stopped updating, the product is not guaranteed to operate normally.

System Requirement


  • Operating System: 64-bit Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11) or Multiple Linux distribution (e.g., Ubuntu, SUSE, OpenSUSE, CentOS)

  • CPU: Intel® i7-7567U Processor with 2 Cores, 4 Threads, and 4M Caches

  • Memory: 3 GB RAM (DDR4/DDR5), Storage: 20 GB

See for more than 50 nodes


  • Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE, Edge

Getting Started!

VigorACS 2 is free for 30 days. for the installation package.

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