Allow Remote Access from Specific Hostnames

When the Vigor Router is located remotely, the network admin can only manage the router from the Internet. Allowing all IPs to access its Management interface is unsafe, so we recommend using Access List. Access List usually requires a Static IP. What can the network admin do if they only have dynamic IP? They can use Hostname because Vigor Router supports using Hostname to Access List. This article will show how to use the feature.

1. First, the remote device should have a hostname. It can be a Dynamic DNS name registered on the remote router or the computer.

2. Create Keyword Objects for the hostnames that are allowed to access Vigor Router’s Management interface from the Internet.

3. Go to System Maintenance >> Management page, select Access List type as Hostname and the keyword objects created in step 1. Click OK to apply the settings.

4. Go to Diagnostics >> DNS Cache Table and check if the hostnames are available. Please click the Clear and the Refresh button when the hostnames are not visible.

5. When the hostnames are available in the DNS Cache Table, Vigor Router will query the hostname in the DNS Cache table every minute. When anyone tried to access Vigor from the Internet, it will check if the IP is matched to the IP in the DNS Cache Table and then decide whether to respond to the access request or not.

Published On:2023-02-16 

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