Use Bonjour on Vigor Router

Vigor Router is compatible with Bonjour, the technology implemented by Apple for zero-configuration networking. By turning on Bonjour, you can make the router discoverable on LAN.

To enable Bonjour, go to Application >> Bonjour, check Enable Bonjour Service, and select the service you want to use for the router.

a screenshot of DrayOS Bonjour

After that, the other Bonjour-compatible device on LAN can find the router by the router name configured at System Maintenance >> Management. The default name will be DrayTek (or Vigor Router).

a screenshot of DrayOS

On Safari, you will find the router under Bonjour, which will lead to the router's management page.

a screenshot of Safari

On FTP Client that support Bonjour, you can access the router's FTP service as well.

a screenshot of cyberduck

The router also shows in Printer service.

a screenshot of macOS Printer

Other connections can be set up from Shell >> New Remote Connection.

a screenshot of macOS

Published On:2013-07-12 

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