Transfer the Router from the Registered Account to Another MyVigor Account

Before handing over your Vigor router to a new owner, remember that if the router has been registered with your MyVigor account, you should also transfer the router to the new owner's MyVigor account. Please follow the instructions below to transfer Vigor Router and its license to a new owner.

For the current owner

1. Log in with the current owner's MyVigor account. Then click the device name.

3. On the Device Information page of this device, click Transfer. (If the Transfer button is not available, it means this device is not registered user this MyVigor account.)

4. Enter the new owner's MyVigor account and the new owner's e-mail, then click Submit. (Note that the e-mail should be the same as which in MyVigor account information.)

5. Click OK for the pop-up window and the message on MyVigor page. Then, wait for the new owner to confirm.

6. Before the new owner confirms, you may cancel the transfer by clicking Cancel Transfer.

For the new owner

1. After the above steps, the new owner should have received a confirmation mail from with the subject “MyVigor New Device Owner Notification”.

2. Click the link in the mail, and it will lead to the registration confirmation page.

3. Click Login and log-in with the new owner's MyVigor account.

4. After logging in, the transfer will be complete. You should see the device along with the license key now belongs to the new owner.

Published On: Nov 27, 2014 

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