Transfer the Router from the Registered Account to Another MyVigor Account

Before handing over your Vigor router to a new owner, remember that if the router has been registered with your MyVigor account, you should also transfer the router to the new owner's MyVigor account. Please follow the instructions below to transfer Vigor Router and its license to a new owner.

For the current owner

1. Log in with the current owner's MyVigor account. Click the device name,then click Transfer Device.

2. Enter in the new account and the new account e-mail, then click Submit.

3. You can see a confirmed notification pop out. The confirmation mail will send to the new account e-mail. Please note the device stays at the old account until the confirmation URL is clicked at the e-mail.

4. Please check the new account e-mail and click the confirmation URL.

5. After clicking the confirmation URL, it will lead you to the page display the Transfer Device is successful.

Published On:2014-11-27 

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