Collecting router's Syslog

Syslog provides useful information for troubleshooting. There are several ways to collect Syslog: While Syslog Explorer offers a quick way to review and download Syslog, Saving to USB disk allows the router to keep more logs and will include more information. And for some models that don't support Syslog Explorer or USB Application, we can use Syslog Utility to collect the full Syslog.

Syslog Explorer

Go to Diagnostics >> Syslog Explorer, check Enable Web Syslog and choose a Syslog Type, and the router will start to record the logs. To save the Syslog file, please click Export. Then, a file named web_syslogxxxxxxxx will be downloaded to your computer, where xxxxxxxx is the current date.

a screenshot of DrayOS Web Syslog

Save Syslog to USB Disk

1. Insert a USB disk to router's USB port, and check if the router detects it via USB Application >> USB Device Status page.

a screenshot of DrayOS USB Status

2. Enable Syslog Access for USB Disk: Go to System Maintenance >> Syslog/Mail Alert Setup,

  1. Check Enable for Syslog Access Setup
  2. Check USB Disk for Syslog Save to
  3. Choose the Syslog messages you would like to collect
  4. Click OK to apply.
a screenshot of DrayOS Syslog setup

3. When the logs are ready, they will be saved to a new folder Syslog on the USB disk. You may check the files from USB Application >> File Explorer, and download the file to your computer by double-clicking it.

a screenshot of DrayOS File Explorer

Syslog Utility

Any computer that has Syslog Tool installed can be the Syslog server. You can download the Tool from Products > DrayTek Utility. To collect Syslog with Syslog Tool, please:

1. Enable Syslog Access on the router: Go to System Maintenance >> Syslog/Mail Alert Setup,

  1. Check Enable for Syslog Access Setup
  2. Select Syslog Server for Syslog Save to 
  3. Enter the IP of the computer which runs the Syslog Tool for Server IP Address.
  4. Select the syslog messages you would like to collect
  5. Click OK to apply.
a screenshot of DrayOS syslog setup

2. Run Syslog Tool on the computer. Then:

  1. Select the router's LAN IP address.
  2. Select the WAN Interface.
  3. After collecting the logs you need, click on the Save button to save the file.

  4. Troubleshoot: If you didn't get any log on the software, please check the firewall policy on both the router and the Syslog server (the computer) to see if there is a rule blocking UDP port 514.

a screenshot of DrayTek Syslog Utility

3. There will be a pop-up window. Select Save current log to a file, enter Log File name and path, and Click OK to save.

a screenshot of DrayTek Syslog Utility

Published On: Jul 06, 2016 

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