Collect Debug Logs of Vigor3912/3910/2962

Like the “sys ver dbg” function on other Vigor routers, Vigor3912, Vigor3910, and Vigor2962 have an advanced built-in driving recorder function. It can record the error events, the time, and the logs constantly. Having the debug logs can help us determine the probable cause of an unexpected reboot or a network crash event. This article will introduce the steps to collect the Debug logs.

0. Go to Diagnostics >> Debug Logs page. There are three options:

  • Basic Logs: Provides current logs and the error-detected-time logs. For the majority of situations, the Basic Logs option provides all the necessary information.
  • Full Logs: Provides current logs, error-detected-time logs, core dumps if they exist, and the slow path packet capture for 10 seconds.
  • Full Logs are needed when seeing a core file generated log from the Basic Logs or when the CPU usage of the router is high. Having the packet capture to know what kind of packets the customer uses in the network. Collecting the full logs will take longer because the router will do a packet capture by itself, and the packet capture file size can be large.

  • User-Defined Logs: Provide options for users to collect the core dump files or the packet captures individually.
  • 1. Select the Basic Logs, then click the Generate Log button when seeing the Debug log not ready Status. The Debug log Status and the Generate Log button have been available since firmware version 4.4.3. Please click the Download button to download the debug log if the option isn’t available.

    2. The router starts generating the Debug Logs.

    3. When the Status changes to Debug log ready, it means the Debug Logs are generated successfully. Click Download to download the Debug Logs.

    4. The dbglog.tar file will be in the Browser’s Download folder. Email the log file to support with the following information for investigation.

  • Problem Description
  • The time that the problem occurred
  • Router’s model name and the used firmware version
  • The config file and the login password
  • Published On:2024-05-22 

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