Send SMS message from the LTE Routers

This article introduces the SMS service available in DrayTek LTE series. The SIM card for LTE Routers not only can connect the router to the mobile network for Internet access, but also allows the network administrator to send and receive SMS messages from the router's interface.

Send SMS Message

Go to LTE >> Send SMS, enter Recipient Number and Message. Then click Send Message to send.

a screenshot of sending SMS message from Vigor LTE Router

Check the SMS inbox of the recipient. It should get a message from the router.

a screenshot of a smartphone eeceiving the SMS sent from Vigor LTE Router

The message sent will be cached in LTE >> SMS Outbox Cache. 
Note: Please check Syslog to confirm the SMS has been sent successfully.

a screenshot of SMS Outbox Cache of Vigor LTE Router

(Optional) Set a Message Quota

Go to LTE >> General Settings,

  1. Check Enable SMS Quota Limit
  2. Enter Quota Limit
  3. Select the action to apply when quota exceeded.
  4. Set up quota reset cycle, which can be monthly or customize up to 60 days.
a screenshot of setting a message quota for Vigor LTE Series

View SMS Message Received 

Go to LTE >> SMS Inbox, the messages received can be seen here. Click View to see the entire content.

a screenshot of checking the SMS message which Vigor LTE Router received

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Published On: May 12, 2016 

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