How to collect console log through telnet command?

When the router has an unexpected reboot or crash, we usually advise customers provide the console logs for troubleshooting.

This article demonstrates how to use telnet to collect the console logs with "sys con2tel enable" command.

1. Open the Windows Command Prompt. Type "telnet" and then press Enter.

2. Type "set logfile xxxx.txt" to create the file that the logs will be saved into. The file path is same to the telnet path run in step1.(In this example, the file will be saved to C:\Users\User)

3. Telnet to Vigor Router by typing "open Router’s IP".(For example, if the router IP is enter the command: open

4. Input the login credentials.

5. Type "sys con2tel enable". Then press "Ctrl+s" to start debug mode. Debug logs will appear when there are events that match to R&D's debug code.

6. Click l (lowercase L) will show the current memory usage status. (Same as CLI command "sys q")

7. Keep collecting the logs until the issue occurs. Then send the log file to support.

Published On:2021-06-30 

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