How to use Packet Capture to capture packet (For Vigor3910/2962)

Packets are useful for trouble shooting in the most cases. However, if we want to capture the packets which are sent from WAN port to Internet. It supposed to add a device between them to capture the packets. Therefore, we build a feature in that we can capture and download packets directly right in Vigor3910/2962. Following are the steps for using Packet Capture:

1.Go to Diagnostics >> Port Mirror/Packet Capture ,

  1. Select Download .pcap
  2. Select the WAN or LAN port which is capturing the packets from.

2. Setting

Option 1 : Capture All Packets

  1. Select Duration
  2. Click Start

Option 2 : Capture with Filter

  1. In the Filter Settings, set up Protocol, IP or Port.
  2. Click Start

3. During the Capturing time, it will show that Status as Capturing.

(Optional) Click Stop .

4. Once the Capturing is finished, it will show the Status as Idle, then click Download.

5. After downloading, you will get a packet file which is named pkt_monitor.pcap, then you can open it by Wireshark to check the packets.

NOTE: The maximum size of the packet is 200MB. If that exceeds the limit, the capturing process will stop automatically .

Published On:2020-07-08 

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