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Business-Class Performance

Every DrayTek VPN Router is equipped with a processor for AES, DES, and 3DES encryption, therefore can offer great VPN throughput while keeping all the data encrypted.

Latest Protocols Compatibility

DrayTek VPN Router supports all industry-standard protocols, including GRE, PPTP, L2TP, L2TP over IPsec, IPsec, IKEv2, SSL VPN and OpenVPN. And the development is always ongoing. By using the standard protocols, Vigor router can build site-to-site VPN with other routers and fit into your current network infrastructure.

Easy & Fast Configuration

DrayTek VPN provides a friendly user interface for VPN setup. It takes only a few steps to connect all the sites, and there's no need for changing firewall rules and routing policies.

No Static IP for IPsec? No Problem!

The "General Pre-Shared Key" feature allows clients without a static IP address to still establish IPsec tunnel in Main mode with Vigor Routers. DrayTek VPN routers accept IPsec connections from not only routers but also a laptop or smartphone.

Management over VPN

Vigor Router’s VPN is designed for building the LAN network across multiple locations. Plenty of features can be used over a VPN, such as DHCP Relay, Multicasting, Port Forwarding, and even Central AP Management.

VPN Failover or Load Balancing

For Multi-WAN models, you can build up to 2 VPN tunnels from different WAN interfaces to the same remote network, so that if one of them fails, the other can continue providing the VPN service.

Get Notified for Connection Loss

Vigor Router can send emails or SMS messages when VPN disconnects and help Network Administrator response immediately.

No Additional Fee

All the VPN services and features are included in the device, users can also download DrayTek official VPN Client Apps for free, no subscrption required.

Stay Connected All The Time

See how fast the DrayTek Vigor2952 resume its 200 VPN connections after disruption of Internet connectivity and sudden power outage!

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16 concurrent VPN tunnels, including 8 SSL VPNs

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