Extend SDN to the Last Mile with VigorSwitch

SDN for Scale Agility

While SDN core overlay infrastructure is getting well-developed, more and more Service Providers are now aiming their next step to extend the SDN services all the way to customer sites.

Customers are always looking for more services, more bandwidth, and lower prices. SDN’s key characters, including policy-based control and automated provisioning, help service providers to react agilely while keeping cost low.

DrayTek OpenFlow Switch Aiming for SMB Deployment at a Fraction of the Cost

DrayTek OpenFlow switch supports operating under standard mode (as a traditional layer 2 bridge switch) and SDN mode (supporting OpenFlow 1.3). With this flexibility, service providers can keep support and inventory simple, and easily change between modes upon installations.

Centralized Management/Maintenance

All VigorSwitches supports TR-069 protocol and can be managed by DrayTek VigorACS 3 cloud-based management platform. When operating in SDN mode, VigorACS helps to do remote maintenance with low cost; while when operating in legacy mode, VigorACS also provides configuration management.

SDN Features for Edge Network

DrayTek OpenFlow Switch supports various meters and actions provides by OpenFlow 1.3, and thus helps service providers creating new services agilely.
Following are some example OpenFlow features supported by VigorSwitch and the application in different scenarios:

OpenFlow Meters / Actions

OpenFlow Meters
  • Received/Sent packets
  • Received/Sent bytes
  • Received/Sent drops
  • Received/Sent errors
OpenFlow Actions
  • ETH src/dest
  • ETH type
  • IPv4 src/dest
  • IPv4 DSCP/protocol
  • NAT
  • TCP/UDP src/dest

OpenFlow Applications

  • Meters
  • QoS for VoIP
  • Rate Limit
SMB / Home
  • Meters
  • Rate Limit for users
  • TCP/UDP policies for IPTV
  • QoS for IPTV
  • Meters
  • QoS for IP Cam

OpenFlow VigorSwitch Models

With VigorSwitch’s SMB-oriented positioning and pricing, service provider will be able to deploy SDN to the last mile of their networks and thus differentiate their services from others, and also capable of improving their revenues.

*The OpenFlow functionality is project-based and must be activated by DrayTek HQ. Please contact your Sales for further inquiries.

Model VigorSwitch G2540xs
VigorSwitch P2540xs
VigorSwitch FX2120
Front Panel
Switch Mode Status
  • Standard Mode Ready
  • SDN Mode Ready
  • Standard Mode Ready
  • SDN Mode Ready
OpenFlow Version 1.3 1.3
  • 48 x 1GbE
  • 6 x SFP+
  • 12 x SFP+
  • 1 x Console RJ45
  • 400 watts (P model)
  • PoE/PoE+
OpenFlow Table Size 1920 1920