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Get Notified About Connection Loss by Email

Published On: Oct 24, 2017 

Vigor Router can send the email to notify the network administrator for the events including

  • WAN disconnect / reconnect
  • VPN disconnect / reconnect
  • Temperature Alert, when the temperature detected by the attached thermometer out of the defined range
  • WAN budget, when reaching the WAN budget limit
  • Central VPN Management: CPE offline, CPE config backup / restore fail, CPE firmware upgrade fail, and CPE VPN profile setup fails
  • High Availability, when the WAN of primary router failed and the secondary router take over, configuration sync between primary and secondary router fail, and one of the routers becomes unstable

Note that the options available vary between models. This article shows how to configure the router to send Email notification for WAN and VPN disconnect/reconnect for example.

1. Go to Objects Setting >> SMS/Mail Service Object, and click an available index at the Mail Server tab

  1. Give a Profile Name
  2. Type SMTP Server and Port according to mail service provider
  3. Enter Sender Address
  4. Check Use SSL, Authentication, enter the Username and Password if the mail service provider requires 

2. Go to Objects Setting >> Notification Object and click an available index. Select the events that you would like to be notified.

3. Go to Application >> SMS/Mail Alert Service, select on an available index at Mail Alert tab,

  1. Select Mail Server and Notify Profile
  2. Type the administrator's e-mail address in Recipient and click OK to apply

4. Now when either WAN or VPN disconnect or reconnect, Vigor router will notify administrator via email.

1. Go to Object Setting >> Mail Service Object to create the Mail Server Object.

  • Click Add
  • Enter Profile Name
  • Check Enable
  • Enter an email address for Mail From. (Note: It is not necessary to use a real email address)
  • Enter the SMTP Port (Usually, 25 for unencrypted servers, 587 for TLS servers, and 465 for SSL servers.)
  • Enter the IP address of the mail server at SMTP Server

2. Go to Object Setting >> Notification Object to create the Notification Object.

  • Click Add
  • Enter a Profile name.
  • Select Enable for the events you would like to receive emails. In this example, we enable WAN Disconnection and WAN Reconnection.

3. Go to Applications >> SMS/Mail Alert Service >> Mail Alert Service to set up the Mail Alert Service.

  • Click Edit
  • Check Enable This Profile.
  • Choose the profile we just created for Mail Profile and Notify Profile
  • Enter your address for Recipient

4. Now, when the WAN disconnects or reconnects, the router will send a notification mail to your email address.

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