WAN Load Balancing

Add more Internet links to your network either through fixed lines or cellular connectivities, Vigor Router gives you the best performance and network reliability.

No Configuration Required

Load Balancing is the default settings of Vigor Router. Once a WAN link is online, the router will add it to the load balancing pool. There's no need for understanding the technical terms.

Optimize Bandwidth Utilization

The router tracks the bandwidth usage on each WAN, detects the maximum bandwidth they can reach and build a new connection over the less-utilized WAN.

Get Aggregated Speed

You may switch to Session-based Load Balancing which allows a connection to be built among all the links and use the bandwidth more than a single link can provide.

Active On Demand

A higher-cost link can be set in backup mode, and be activated only under conditions such as primary link disconnects, ping fails, or when traffic reaches the defined threshold.

Advanced Routing Policy

While there are multiple Internet links, routing policies can be created to designate a link for VoIP traffic, traffic from a certain range of IP, or traffic to a specific destination.

Built-in Data Budget

The data budget feature helps you to track each link's data usage. It resets the statistics periodically and can disable the connection once the data amount reaches a threshold. (Only available in DrayOS models)