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Hotspot Web Portal

Market your business while offering free Internet access

Wi-Fi Marketing

Use the landing page to redirect the hotspot guests to the company homepage, online surveys, any custom URLs, or display bulletin message to the Wi-Fi users.

Grow Your Email List

DrayTek Hotspot solution provides authentication methods including Facebook Login, Google Login, and SMS PIN, which you may require the guest to leave contact info before they can use the Internet service.

Display Terms-of-Use page

Authentication Methods include Skip Login and Click-Through, which allows Network Administrators to show the visitors the policy to use the Wi-Fi service and ask them to agree.

Custom Portal Page

The router provides templates for setting up the portal page quickly, but of course, you may customize every component, including browser title, background, Logo, messages, terms & conditions, and the buttons.

Responsive Design

The portal page adopted responsive web design and will look good on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Server Bypassing

Whitelist rules can be set up for specific NAT Rules, traffic destined to particular domains, IP, or ports, and traffic sourced from specific local IP to bypass the captive portal.

Per Subnet Hotspot Settings

Each router can have up to 4 profiles with different authentication and landing page settings, and you can apply each of them to only the selected wired LAN subnets or WLAN SSID.

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