Disable Auto Load Balance for specific services

Sometimes we may meet the problem with web access, VoIP call, or VPN connection when the gateway router has multiple WANs. It's because Vigor Router does load balancing on those services.

Take the VPN connection for example. As we know IPsec VPN creation starts from UDP port 500 and will move to UDP port 4500. Since two ports (sessions) are used, the router in front may regard the VPN connection as different NAT sessions and do the Auto Load Balance. This will result in the VPN connection failure.

Vigor Router supports disabling the Auto Load Balance for specific traffic on the WAN >> General Setup page. In the Advanced setting, we can add the ports IPsec VPN used(UDP 500 and 4500) into the table.

By default, Vigor Router has disabled some pre-defined services for Load Balance, such as STUN and VoIP. Those services may be Source IP sensitive and reject the connection coming from multiple source IPs.

Some websites with a high level of security, such as Bank Websites might also reject this. We can add it into the table to prevent the access problem.

Published On:2022-06-22 

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