Why can't I access my Vigor Router?

Vigor Router uses a web-based management user interface, and you may access the router's management page by plugging a computer into router's LAN port, and open a web browser and go to (See How to login my Vigor Router for more details) If that doesn't work, here are some troubleshooting tips.

Check the physical connection

First of all, check the LED light of the LAN port, if it isn't flashing, then it might be that the PC is not detected at all, check the cable line between the computer and the router and try again.

Check the router's IP address

Usually, you can access the router's management page at, which is the router's default LAN IP address. But if you changed the IP address, we should use the router's current IP instead. For Windows PC, you may follow the steps below to check the IP of your router:

  1. Run Command Prompt (cmd)
  2. Enter command ipconfig
  3. Check if the PC has a valid IP address and its Default Gateway, for most cases this will be the router's LAN IP address, and which we should enter in the browser's address bar instead.
a screenshot of command prompt

Clear the ARP Cache on the computer

If there were another host on the network which had the same IP address as the router's, the computer might resolve the IP address incorrectly due to the ARP Cache. To clear the ARP Cache and refresh the ARP table on your computer, run Command Prompt (as administrator) and enter the command arp -d.

a screenshot of command prompt

Specify HTTP port

By default, the router listens to port 80 for web requests; however, we can change the HTTP port on router's System Maintenance >> Management page. If the HTTP port is not the default 80, then while you accessing the management page, remember to add the port number at the end of the IP address with a colon, e.g.,

If you don't remember the HTTP port, you could try checking the HTTP port by telnet into your router and enter command mngt httpport ?

 a screenshot of router's CLI

Settings that may block the access to the router

Also, some settings might restrict the access to the exact IP settings, specific client device, or a specific LAN port only. Below are some settings that may block the access:

If you are not aware of the configurations, then you might have to reset the router to factory default.

Check the LED light on the router

If you still cannot access the router after restoring the configuration to factory default, check the LED on the router, especially the ACT light. In the normal state, the router's ACT LED light will blink about once per second. If it's not, then maybe the router is not working due to firmware damage. You may follow the instructions here to recover the router.

Contact Support

If none of the above solve the issue, feel free to contact Technical Support.

Published On:2016-06-07 

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