Upload Firmware to the VigorAP via TFTP

To upload a firmware file to the VigorAP via TFTP, we need to switch the VigorAP into TFTP server mode first, then you need a computer running Firmware Upgrade Utility tool connects to VigorAP's LAN ports to send the file. This article demonstrates how to turn the VigorAP into a TFTP server, and how to upload a file to the VigorAP by a personal computer.

You can download Draytek Utility here.



Configure the computer's Ethernet port IP address settings

Reset the VigorAP. Using a pin insert Factory reset hole. And set up the computer's Ethernet adapter IP address with these details.
IP address
Subnet mask
No default Gateway 
No DNS server

Run and configure the DrayTek Firmware Utility

It will pop up a warning, and click ok.

Run the Firmware Utility program, click "...." to select the firmware.

With the firmware selected, configure these settings.
Router IP:
Password: leave this blank
Port: 69
Time Out: 5
Block Size: 512
But not to click Send at this moment.

Run Windows cmd and start ping to AP's TFTP IP address

At cmd, type "ping -t" and press enter.
This will constantly ping to the TFTP IP address, which is useful to determine when the VigorAP's TFTP server is ready to accept firmware.
It will not receive responses at first, that's normal. Leave this running and move on to the next step.

Connect the VigorAP to the computer and power up the access point in TFTP mode.

Now make sure VigorAP is ethernet connected to PC.
TFTP mode is activated by powering up the VigorAP while the Factory Reset button is pressed in.
You can use a pin to press the recessed Factory Reset button, and press it till make a click sound.
TFTP Procedure Steps:
a. Connect power to the VigorAP.
b. Switch off the VigorAP using the power switch
c. Press and hold the Factory Reset button
d. While still holding the Factory Reset button, turn on the VigorAP with the power switch
e. The VigorAP will power up with the ACT & adjacent LEDs flashing rapidly, check the table below for details of which VigorAP uses which LED pattern
d. Let go of the Factory Reset button, the AP will stay in TFTP mode for 2 minutes

But for the VigorAP don't have a Power switch button like AP912.

While holding the Factory Reset button, connect the power up to the VAP912, then the AP912 will power up with orange light at ACT LED.

When the AP912 is in TFTP mode, the ACT light will blink rapidly in orange, instead of the usual blue colour.

Send the firmware to the VigorAP

VigorAP should begin responding to pings after a few seconds, at which point the firmware can be sent.
Now switch to Draytek Utility, click Send and you can it processing, stay patient.
Once the firmware has been sent, the Firmware Utility will pop-up a "Waiting" window, the VigorAP will not respond on the TFTP IP address once it has restarted, so click "Skip" and proceed to the next step.

Wait for the VigorAP to restart with the new firmware.

It will take 2-3 minutes to upgrade its firmware, and ACT light will blink quickly.
When the ACT light becomes constantly lighting means VigorAP is restarting. It will be blinking per second, indicating that it is operating normally.

Published On:2020-06-07 

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