Find the serial number of your Vigor router

Every DrayTek product has a unique serial number. It's separate from the product code, MAC address, Wireless security key, and manufacturing code which may also be printed on the product. You may need the serial number when register the product warranty in your country, activate optional features or require warranty or support services. You should not reveal the serial number on the internet. It is a unique ID of your product and should only be used for liaison with DrayTek, your supplier, or your inventory tracking/logging.

The serial number is printed on the product. Always read the serial number from the physical product itself, not any packaging or other documentation. Serial numbers are all hexadecimal (containing numbers 0-9 and letters A-F only), so anything that looks like a '0' is always a zero.

There're two ways to find the serial number of your product:

Label Sticker

There may be other numbers printed on your product; those are not your serial number. The serial number is always labeled "S/N" or "Serial No.". The photos below should assist you in identifying the serial number, circled in red:


Router's Web (Vigor Router only)

Since firmware version 3.9.1, the serial number also appears on the Service Status page of the WebUI. When accessing the Status Service menu, you will be asked to log into MyVigor if this router has been associated with a MyVigor account. After logging in, you will be presented with the device information, such as MyVigor account, email address, and license information, as shown below.



This information is stored on the MyVigor server, and all data is encrypted during transmission to the router. If the router is reset to factory default settings, any data pertaining to the router will also be deleted in the router.

VigorACS2 Device Information

After registering the Device to VigorACS2, go to Device Menu>>Dashboard, the serial number will display at Device information.
Please note, the device should be registered at MyVigor, the information is stored on the MyVigor server.

Published On:2019-09-11 

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