Check the LTE router's status with an SMS message

This article introduces how to use an SMS message to check the status of DrayTek LTE routers or reboot the router remotely by LTE Router commands. This feature applies to DrayTek LTE series which has built-in 4G/LTE connectivity.

Get Router Status

Go to LTE >> Router Commands >> Reply with Router Status Message

a screenshot of LTE router management page

Now, when you send an SMS message to the number of the SIM card installed in the router with contents “router status [Password]”, where [Password] should be the password/PIN configured previously, and the router will reply an SMS message showing its status.

a screenshot of smartphone SMS message

Reboot the router remotely

Go to LTE >> Router Commands >> Reboot on SMS Message,

a screenshot of LTE router management page

Now, the router will reboot when receiving a message with the content “remote reboot [Password]”, where [Password] should be the password configured previously.

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Published On:2015-11-27 

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