DrayTek Network Management App

DrayTek Router App
  • Work with Vigor Router Series.
  • Setup major Router functions.
  • Parental control by content/time.
DrayTek Wireless App
  • Work with VigorAP Series.
  • Setup Mesh/Wi-Fi.
  • Parental control by time.
  • DrayTek Router App
  • DrayTek Wireless App

DrayTek Router App Brief

Business-Grade Router Meets Simplicity

DrayTek Routers has many features that are loved by the professionals, including VPN, firewall, route policy, …,etc. Evolving with our customers, we have gradually added more and more advanced features, even considered extraordinary cases. They bring more flexibility to customers, but also inevitably gain complicity to the web user interface.

DrayTek Router app is where we can rethink as a SOHO/prosumer perspective, leave the unusual cases behind, focus on the most popular scenarios, and redesign their configuration flows.

With Router App, Vigor Routers not only becomes friendly to none-tech-savvy users, but also good for professionals to manage the network with their mobile devices.

Reliable WFH / SFH Companion

Secure Connection with VPN

To perform highly sensitive work at home, high speed VPN to the corporate network/cloud is essential. Router App supports setup and establishing VPN tunnels on demand.

Split VPN and Split WAN with Route Policy

Want to send certain applications (Teams, Netflix…) to the VPN or allow only corporate devices to access VPN? Route Policy gives you full control of routes.

Parental Control

Different levels of restriction for different purposes makes parental control easy, including enforcing safe search for daily usage, setting up Internet down time for sleep, and allowing Internet access while blocking distracting applications for study time.

Network Installation in mere minutes

Intuitive and simple steps to set up the network from scratch. Bring Internet connections and Wi-Fi to your network.

  • 1.Connect to the router Wi-Fi.

  • 2.Router App scans find
    Vigor Router automatically.

  • 3.Follow the wizard to
    configure Internet connection.

  • 4.Finish Wi-Fi settings and
    enjoy reliable network.

Secure Connection with VPN

Connect to Corporate/Cloud VPN

Creating VPN tunnels to the corporate/cloud network with selections of protocols, including IPsec, SSL, and L2TP/IPsec.

Re-route Mobile VPN Traffic to Corporate VPN

Not only dialing out VPN, Vigor Routers are also equipped with VPN server function, allowing you to dial VPN back to home office and access sensitive file in corporate network while traveling.

Split VPN Tunneling and Split WAN with Route Policy

Secure Connection for Remote Worker

With hybrid purposes of home, being able to separate and send only relevant traffic to corporate VPN while allowing the rest to go through Internet is important.

Conserve Bandwidth

In case of having extra line or 4G backup for working purpose, split VPN/WAN allows you to put only important traffics to those lines and not affected by other streaming/gaming traffic.

Stream Content with/without using Foreign IP Addresses

Either to receive foreign content at home, or to receive home content while traveling abroad, both can be achieved with Route Policy.

Choose Which Traffic Goes Through the VPN/WAN

With the “Source/Destination” criteria, including layer 3, layer 4, and layer 7 (domain/app) rules, Route Policy aims to maximize the flexibility and is capable to cope with most scenarios. Either wishing to send only corporate devices traffics to VPN, or even on the same devices but only send certain application traffics to VPN, they can all be achieved with Route Policy.

Parental Control

Manage Internet Activity on Home Network

Intuitively setup time and content rules for individual users or groups to fit their schedule and your style of parenting.

Enforcing Safe Search

Full Access to the Internet without explicit content.

Study Time

Internet access with restriction for selected Apps.

Down Time

No Internet Access

Support for Router APP Models

Model Name Firmware Version Support Application Based Route Policy
Vigor2862 / 2862 LTE Series 3.9.7 or later No
Vigor2926 / 2926 LTE Series 3.9.7 or later No
Vigor2927 / 2927 LTE Series 4.4.0 or later Yes
Vigor2865 / 2865 LTE Series 4.4.0 or later Yes

Getting Download Router App

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DrayTek Wireless App Brief

Build Wireless Network from Scratch

Intuitively and easily setup a Wireless network or Mesh group without connecting cable to Access Points.

Monitoring Wireless Network

Data-rich pages like Channel load and client usage for monitoring your network effortlessly.

Parental Control & Client Management

Scheduling an Internet-pause time for your children or Wi-Fi clients.

Key Features Quick Start Wizard

Setup Mesh Wi-Fi at Your Fingertips

Follow the wizard and setup Mesh all by your mobile device.

Key Features Speed Test

Speed Test

Besides signal strength, speed test results straightly reflect the connection performance of mobile devices.
The app also stores test history for you to compare the results between different corners.

Key Features Mesh Monitoring

Mesh Status at a Glance

Mesh hierarchy and connection quality between mesh nodes in single place.

Key Features Client Management

Monitor Wi-Fi Status at a glance

Get a detailed information for you wireless clients, including real-time Tx/Rx Rate and Wi-Fi signal strength.

Secure your Network

Simply enable the block button to put unknown clients or suspicious devices into block list.
They will no longer connect to your wireless network unless you unblock them.

Parental Control

Pause Schedule for Wireless Clients

Add wireless clients into a group and apply schedule profiles for limiting the Internet connection.

Support for Wireless APP Models

VigorAP Model Firmware Version
AP903/ AP912C 1.4.0
AP802 1.4.0
AP1060C 1.4.0
AP918R/AP920R 1.4.0
AP1000C 1.4.0
AP960C 1.4.0

Mesh Root Management Only

Vigor Router Model Firmware Version
Vigor2862 ac Series 3.9.5
Vigor2926 ac Series 3.9.5
Vigor2927 ac Series 4.2.4
Vigor2865 ac Series 4.2.2
Vigor2866 ac Series 4.2.2
Vigor2765 ac Series 4.3.1

Getting Download Wireless APP

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