Internet Gateway


We have more than 20 years' experience to give you the VPN solution of great value.


The TLS/SSL-based VPN that works through firewalls.

WAN Load-Balancing

Boost performance, increase availability, and make the most out of every link.


The free Dynamic DNS service included in all DrayTek routers

Hotspot Web Portal

Conduct Wi-Fi marketing and/or user authentication while offering hospitality Wi-Fi.

Wireless WAN

Connect the whole network to the Internet from a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Work from Home

Easy way to access to your office network with VPN and improved APP QoS.


Assisted Wi-Fi Roaming

Solves the sticky client problem and improves Wi-Fi experience.

Wireless Solution

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Extend the Wi-Fi Coverage Throughout the Business.


OpenFlow VigorSwitch

Extend SDN to the Last Mile with VigorSwitch

Central Management

AP Management

Use your router as a wireless controller for VigorAPs

Switch Management

Use the router as a management platform for switch monitoring, configuration, and maintenance.

Customer Success Stories

Automobile Dealer

DrayTek's Dual-WAN Solution helps famous car brand's nationwide dealers build a secure and reliable connection.

Food & Grocery Retail

Thousands of branches stores benefit from the newly upgraded fast speed VDSL.

Movie Theater Chain

DrayTek VPN Router helps them build a cross-site business network and keep the busy system efficient.

Cable Operator

DrayTek VigorSwitch helps cable operators offers a cost-effective solution for community buildings.