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The most straightforward way to send SMS from LTE routers

SMS Marketing

Focus exclusively on SMS service

Vigor SMS allows you to run SMS marketing in the most straightforward way. The app has no extra settings to add burden and requires little to no prior learning for marketers.

No need to connect to router interface

Vigor SMS allows users to send and receive SMS message without connecting to the interface of routers.

Manage Your Message

  • Sending SMS
  • Receiving SMS

Monitoring LTE status

Router profiles show device names and LTE connection status. When LTE connections are up, green ready signs are displayed.

Easily switch between multiple LTE routers

Profile-based inbox allows you to switch between different LTE routers remotely.

Send SMS via SIM card in LTE routers

Type in mobile phone number and write down message in Vigor SMS to send SMS remotely.

Compatible Devices

Model Firmware Required
Vigor2860 LTE or later
Vigor2925 LTE or later
Vigor2862 LTE 3.9.4 or later
Vigor2926 LTE or later
Vigor2620 LTE 3.9.0 or later
VigorLTE 200n 3.9.0 or later

Getting Started!

Download it and start to send SMS messages via SIM card in Vigor LTE routers

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Setup Guide