Schedule a Router Reboot

Vigor routers offer time schedule function, which Network Administrator can use it to automatically restart the router on schedule. This article shows an example of schedule a reboot every work day

1. Go to Applications >> Schedule and click on an available index.

a screenshot of DrayOS schedule proile list

2. Edit the schedule profile as follow:

  1. Check Enable Schedule Setup.
  2. Set the Start Date and Start Time.
  3. Set the Duration Time to 0:0 (required), otherwise reboot function won't work.
  4. If this profile is for rebooting, we can ignore the Action and Idle Timeout and leave them as default.
  5. In this example, we want the reboot to be a routine. Check the Weekdays from Monday to Friday
a screenshot of DrayOS Schedule profile

3. Go to System Maintenance >> Reboot System >> Auto Reboot Time Schedule to apply the schedule index. Click OK to apply the settings.

a screenshot of DrayOS Reboot System page

4. Don't forget to go to System Maintenance >> Time and Date to make sure the time settings are correct.

a screenshot of DrayOS Time and date settings

1. Go to System Maintenance >> Time and Date, and make sure time setting is correct

a screenshot of Vigor3900 Time and Date settings

2. Go to System Maintenance >> Reboot System, and click Add to add a schedule profile.

  1. Select Weekdays for Frequency
  2. Set the time you want the router to reboot for Start Time
  3. Select the Weekdays you would like to reboot the router
a screenshot of Vigor3900 Schedule Reboot

3. Check Enable Schedule Reboot, and select the Schedule Time Object created in the previous step. Then, click Apply.

a screenshot of Vigor3900 Schedule Reboot

Now, the router will reboot automatically at 23:30 on Wednesday and Sunday.

Published On: 2018-08-01 

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