Do I need an APPE License to use APP Enforcement?

It is not necessary to have an APPE license activated to use APPE Enforcement in Firewall rules. APPE license is for Vigor Routers to upgrade the APPE module automatically. This will keep the router's APP database up to date. Thus, to make sure APP Enforcement work correctly, it is recommended to activate the APPE license.

How to get an APPE license?

APPE license is a free service, you can activate it if the router has been registered to a MyVigor account. To activate the service, please go to CSM >> APP Signature Upgrade, and click Activate.

appe page


Login with the MyVigor account and click on “Activate License”, read the notice and follow the steps to activate the license.

Select the Activate Date

The license will expire 365 days after the activation. After that, you may re-activate the license again.

Renew the APPE license

When the license expired, please go to CSM >> APPE Signature Upgrade then click Activate


Published On:2020-03-20 

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