Knowledge Base | Routing

KB 7662  Set up OSPF Routing between Vigor Routers (Vigor2962/3910)
KB 5456  Change the default route by Route Policy
KB 7461  Use MPLS and Internet connection on your Vigor Router at the same time
KB 4917  Allow LAN Client to Choose the Outgoing WAN by LAN IP Alias
KB 5085  Use Country Object in Route Policy
KB 5430  What is Fast Route and when to use it? (For Vigor3900/2960)
KB 5316  Set up BGP Routing between Vigor Routers
KB 5765  Routing Fundamentals
KB 4916  Designate a outgoing WAN for traffic to a certain Website
KB 5434  Designate the outgoing WAN for LAN Subnet
KB 4914  Address Mapping by Route Policy
KB 4915  Forward traffic to other Internet Gateway Router
KB 5013  Introduction to Route Policy
KB 5666  Inter-VLAN Routing