Knowledge Base | Routing

1. Allow LAN Client to Choose the Outgoing WAN by LAN IP Alias

LAN IP Alias allows Vigor Router to own multiple LAN IP addresses in a single subnet. Each IP address can be a gateway mapping to a specific WAN interface. So LAN clients can go through a different WAN interface simply by changing their gateway IP on the PC.

2. Set Up BGP Routing between Vigor Routers

This article demonstrates how to set up BGP routing between two Vigor Routers which are connecting on the WAN. Suppose the two routers both have several routing subnets, and we would like them to exchange the routing information with each other. In this example, we use a different Autonomous System (AS) number for each router to make them External BGP (eBGP) peers.

Note: The BGP peers with the same AS number are referred to as Internal BGP (iBGP) peers, and to as External BGP (eBGP) peers if they have different AS number. The main difference between iBGP and eBGP is that routes learned from an eBGP peer will be re-advertised to both iBGP peers and eBGP peers. However, routes learned from an iBGP peer will only be re-advertised to eBGP peers.

3. Designate a Outgoing WAN for Traffic to a Certain Website

This article demonstrates how to set up a route policy and specify the interface for the traffic which destined for a certain domain name, e.g.,, so that network administrator may ensure which gateway will the LAN clients use when they are accessing a website.

4. How to use Route Policy Diagnosis

Route Policy Diagnosis helps us simulate which route will a packet take, especially when there are a lot of static routes and route policies on the router. The function is at Diagnostics >> Route Policy Diagnosis (or Load Balance/Route Policy >> Diagnose for older version.)

5. Address Mapping by Route Policy

By using Route Policy, you can map a LAN client to one of the WAN IP in the IP Alias. This article introduces how to set up Route Policy for address mapping purpose.

6. Forward VPN Traffic to Another Router on LAN

Suppose the Vigor Router is used for LAN-to-LAN VPN connections, and there is a firewall router on the network act as the Internet Gateway. We want all the traffic to be sent to the firewall router first, especially those from the remote network. This article shows how to use Route Policy and forward the VPN traffic to another device on LAN.

7. Designate a Outgoing WAN for SIP Traffic

If there are multiple WAN interfaces, the router will balance the traffic among all the active WANs. However, we can designate a path for certain traffic by the feature Route Policy.