Using VigorACS 3 to Enable SD-WAN Network

SD-WAN, software-defined networking WAN is a key feature of ACS3, which allows a network administrator to manage any combinations among internet services, including Ethernet, LTEs, and VPNs on a centralized management system to get the most possible performance.Effectively improving the utilization and providing more options when building networks.
In addition to optimizing the traffic transmission from different applications, it helps to simplify and give full visibility in network management by monitoring the services under networks.

Upgrade your network to SD-WAN network

Introduction of SD-WAN Dashboard

1. In SD-WAN Dashboard, you can get the status overview of different services, including the quality statistics

2. Click More in Quality status and get the detailed information

Enable SD-WAN Route Policy

1. Select you SD-WAN Network and navigate to Configuration > Route Policy

2. Click Add new Route Policy to create a new profile

Route Policy Settings

  1. Put a comment for the profile
  2. Select Source, you can specify an IP range for this policy
  3. Select a Destination, you can choose IP Range, VoIP or App Service.
  4. If you choose App Service, SD-WAN will keep detecting your network services, the packets will follow this Policy when clients are using the App which matches the Destinations services
  5. Click Advanced Mode if you want to set up a fail-over rule
  6. Click Save and set to CPEs to let this profile to be applied to the CPEs in this network

Load Balance

a. Bandwidth-Based: According to the highest speed that SD-WAN detects
b. Quality-Based: According to the minimum jitter that SD-WAN detects
c. Reliability-Based: According to the minimum packet loss that SD-WAN detects
d. Custom: You can distribute the usage ratio for each Load Balance by setting weights for bandwidth, latency, jitter, and packet loss respectively.


1. Go to Configuration > Interface Settings, and Enable VoIP WAN
2. Specify the MOS score criteria; VoIP traffic will change the other WAN when there’s a better quality of connection

Published On:2021-05-21 

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