Knowledge Base | Wireless

1. VigorAP Mesh Setup with DrayTek Wireless App
2. VigorAP Mesh Setup on the Web User Interface
3. Add a Separate Wireless Network for Guests
4. Wi-Fi Roaming with VigorAP
5. Plan Wireless Coverage with VigorACS 2
6. Connect Detached Networks by WDS-Bridge
7. Improving Wi-Fi Performance
8. Change Country Code in Beacon Frames
9. Join the Wirless Network by WPS
10. Troubleshoot Wireless Connection Problem
11. Use VigorAP as a Universal Repeater
12. What is Band Steering
13. 802.1X Authentication with Self-Generated Server Certificate
14. 802.1X Authentication for Windows Client without Server Certificate
15. Are Vigor Routers affected by WPS PIN brute force vulnerability (VU#723755)?
16. Set up Vigor Router as a wireless repeater