Introduction to VLAN Port Configuration

This document is going to introduce what the VLAN Port Configuration, such as ingress rule, egress rule, port type, frame type, and PVID, will do on the incoming and outgoing frames based on VigorSwitch P2261.

a screenshot of VLAN Port Configuation of VigorSwitch P2261

When the frame enters the switch

1. Check if the frame is tagged

Frame Type setting determines whether the traffic should be accepted or discarded according to whether it is tagged or not.

2. Check the TPID of the frame

Port Type setting determines whether the switch should accept or discard a frame according to the Tag Protocol Identifier (TPID) of it. Below are the options of Port Type.

3. Check the VID of the frame

Ingress Filtering setting determines whether this frame should be accepted or discarded according to the VLAN Identifier (VID).

Before forwarding the frame to other ports

Before the switch sends out the frame, Port Type setting determines whether to add a tag to the frame or not.

Before the frame leaves the switch

Egress Rule determines whether the tag should be removed or not before the frame leaves the port. There are three options for Egress Rule:

Published On:2016-08-09 

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