Knowledge Base | ADSL & VDSL

1. Get the DSL Information from the Vigor130 on WAN

Since firmware version 3.7.6, Vigor130 can broadcast the DSL information to another router on its LAN port. With this new feature, we can check the connection status of Vigor130 while it is acting as a modem.

On Vigor130, go to System Maintenance >> Management to enable "Device Management" and "Broadcast DSL Status to LAN".

2. Configure Vigor130 to Bridge VLAN Tag to LAN

Since firmware version, Vigor130 supports bridging VLAN tag from WAN to LAN while doing PPPoE Passthrough or MPoA Bridge. It allows VLAN Tag configuration on the LAN device instead.

3. PPPoE Pass-Through Setup

Vigor DSL Routers support PPPoE Pass-through on the DSL WAN interface so that the device on router's LAN can be the PPPoE client and establish the PPPoE connection directly. This article demonstrates how to configure PPPoE Pass-through on Vigor Router so that the clients behind the router can have PPPoE dial-up connections.

4. Troubleshoot ADSL Synchronization Issues

If Vigor ADSL Router cannot get SHOWTIME with your ADSL line, you may take the following steps to troubleshoot.

5. Adjust ADSL SNR Value from Router's CLI

Selected ADSL routers on VECTOR firmware support adjusting ADSL SNR value by typing the command "adsl snr" in router's command-line interface

6. How to Improve DSL Speed

If the DSL connection speed is lower than expected, here are some methods you can try to improve the connection speed.