VPN User Isolation on Vigor3912

Working from Home by VPN is a usual thing nowadays. Employees create a VPN connection from their computers to the company's VPN router, obtain private IP addresses, then can access the company's internal servers for work. When the VPN users get the IP in the same subnet, not only the company's servers, the VPN users can access each other. The connection between the VPN users is unnecessary and even unsafe. How can we isolate VPN Remote Dial-In Users from each other? With the Vigor3912 series router, we can isolate the VPN users by simply enabling the option "Isolate VPN Users from each other."

The supported models are:

  • Vigor3912S fw
  • Vigor3910/ 2962 fw 4.4.3
  • 1. Go to VPN and Remote Access >> Remote Dial-in User page and select the Isolate VPN Users from each other.

    2. All the VPN Remote Dial-In Users will be isolated and cannot visit each other through the VPN connection.

    Published On:2024-01-24 

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