Knowledge Base | Firewall & Content Filtering

KB 10623  Blocking DoH (DNS over HTTPS) by Vigor Router
KB 7655  Force LAN Clients to use Bing and DuckDuckGo SafeSearch
KB 7482  How to access remote VPN network without login in User-Based mode
KB 7466  The difference between Rule-Based and User-Based Policy
KB 7415  Why UDP services like IPsec, DNS, VoIP disturbed by Vigor Router?
KB 4695  How to use APP Enforcement?
KB 5987  How to enable firewall during working hours?
KB 5971  Use Firewall in User-Based mode with a RADIUS server
KB 5468  Mapping alias IP addresses to different internal servers
KB 5458  Use URL Filter with Exception List
KB 4822  Block Facebook by APP Enforcement
KB 5213  Add a LAN IP Address to DMZ
KB 5466  Create Firewall rules to restrict LAN to WAN access to specific countries by using country codes
KB 5205  Block Social Networking Websites by Web Content Filter
KB 5336  Finding Out the URL Keyword to Block
KB 5337  Blocking Windows Updates
KB 4794  Apply Firewall Rule to individual accounts in User-Based mode
KB 4826  Force LAN Clients to use YouTube in Restricted Mode
KB 4827  Force LAN Clients to use Google Safesearch
KB 5067  Use DNS Filter and local DNS server at the same time
KB 4946  Block most of the websites except for a few only
KB 4961  Introduction to Firewall Content Security Management
KB 5598  Enable ALG (Application Layer Gateway) on Vigor Router
KB 5204  Block FTP Service by Firewall
KB 5478  Changing the WCF Service Provider
KB 5469  Server Load Balancing by Vigor3900
KB 4922  Block Facebook Games Only
KB 5016  Difference between DMZ Host and DMZ Subnet
KB 5787  Differences among Port Redirection, Open Ports and DMZ
KB 4649  Restrict Internet access for time intervals (For Vigor3900/2960)
KB 5333  How Firewall Filter Rules Work
KB 5294  Redirect FTP Traffic to an Internal Server
KB 5293  Redirect VoIP Traffic to a SIP server on LAN
KB 5221  Block YouTube Service for All the LAN Clients
KB 5361  Blocking a Website by URL Content Filter and DNS Filter
KB 5084  Use Vigor3900/2960 to block Youtube for some of LAN clients only
KB 5077  How to use Session Limit
KB 3780  How to prevent smart phones from surfing the Internet from Vigor3900/2960?
KB 5750  Allow Internet access for certain LAN clients only
KB 5374  Activate the Free Trial License for WCF Service
KB 5214  Redirect HTTPS Requests to an Internal Server
KB 4551  Difference between DNS Filter Profile and DNS Filter Local Setting
KB 5431  Find out which websites are visited by the LAN clients
KB 5689  How to use QQ Filter of Vigor3900
KB 5751  Use Open Port to access a LAN server from the Internet
KB 5749  Use Port Redirection to access a LAN server from the Internet
KB 5288  VPN Pass-Through Setup