How to set up DHCP Server on VigorSwitch

DHCP server on VigorSwitch

DHCP server is a function that is available in DrayTek layer 2+ Vigorswitches.
The DHCP server only needs to configured on the core switch and this will also help to reduce the workload on the main Internet router. It will continue to privide DHCP services even if the router is offline. Devices connected to edge switches will also be assigned an IP address from the core switch. In addition the Bind IP to MAC function can also be used to assign a static IP address for important devices.

DHCP Server Setup

Go to Switch >> VLAN Management >> Create VLAN

Go to VLAN Routing >> Interface Settings

Go to Switch LAN >> DHCP server >> DHCP server Settings

The status will now become Grenn Light showing Server is running

DHCP Server Test

Once the DHCP server is configured in the VigorSwitch you are ready to test it by the following procedure
Go to Switch LAN >> VLAN Management >> Interface Settings

You can connect a PC to VigorSwitch and capture the packets to verify DHCP is working correctly

As we can see, responds to the DHCP discover packets and get the PC an IP address.

Bind IP to MAC

DrayTek layer 2+ Vigorswitches also support the Bind IP to MAC feature. This can be used to reserve LAN IP addresses for certain devices.
With the DHCP server and Bind IP to MAC features, we could have a strengthening control in network.

Go to Switch LAN >> DHCP Server/Relay >> Bind IP to MAC

Published On:2021-06-30 

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