Knowledge Base | LAN Applications

1. How to fix the connection not private error when using HTTPS Captive Portal for Hotspot
2. Use Purple WiFi as the External Hotspsot Portal Server
3. Introduction to IP Conflict Prevention of VigorSwitch
4. Authenticate Hotspot User with External RADIUS Server
5. DHCP Server Options of Vigor Router
6. Use a Public IP on LAN by Routing Usage LAN
7. Use a Public IP on LAN by IP Routed Subnet
8. Allow Hotspot User to Log In with Social Media Account
9. Introduction to Bind IP to MAC
10. Create Facebook APP for Hotspot Web Portal
11. Set Up the Router as a PPPoE Server
12. Local Network Setup and Management
13. Allow Hotspot User to Get Login PIN via SMS
14. Create Google APP for Hotspot Web Portal
15. Capture Packets on Router's LAN
16. How to use Bandwidth Limit
17. LAN DNS of Vigor3900
18. Use Multiple LAN Subnets with Port-Based VLAN
19. Give a Hostname to a LAN server by LAN DNS
20. Use the Router's Internal RADIUS Server for 802.1X Authentication
21. Use the Router as a RADIUS Server
22. Use the Router as an SMB Server
23. Use Multiple LAN Subnets with Tag-Based VLAN
24. LPR Printing Setup on Windows
25. Forward DNS Queries for Certain Domains to a Private DNS Server