Wake up your PC by using WoL(Wake on LAN)

When we are away from home and need to use a PC that is powered off, what can we do? Wake on LAN is a useful feature for this case. We can use the Wake on LAN feature from Vigor Router's Web UI or by a Wake-on-LAN tool to wake up the computer remotely. This article will demonstrate two methods about how to wake up the computer by WoL.



Method1: Using Vigor Router to wake up your computer

Settings on the PC:

1. Enter the BIOS of your PC to enable Wake Up On LAN.

2.Click right button of your mouse on PC icon on desktop.

Settings on Vigor Router:

1.Go to   LAN >> Bind IP to MAC. Enable Bind IP to MAC. Select your PC IP address in the ARP Table, add it into IP Bind List then click OK.

2. Login the WUI of Vigor Router from another computer. Then go to   Applications >> Wake on LAN.

The PC now starts while you click Wake Up!

We also could use telnet to wake up your PC:

1.Open the web console on Vigor Router.

2.Command "wol up".

Method2: Using WakeOnLan GUI Tool

We also can wake up the PC remotely by sending the WoL packet by the WakeOnLan tool to Vigor Router.

Additional Step:

1. Download the WakeOnLan GUI tool.

2. Go   NAT >> Port Redirection

3. Open web console on GUI.

4. Open up WakeOnLan GUI on PC.

The PC now starts while you click Wake Up.

Published On:2021-03-18 

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