Wake up your PC by using WoL(Wake on LAN)

When we are away from home and need to use a PC that is powered off, what can we do? Wake on LAN is a useful feature for this case. We can use the Wake on LAN feature from Vigor Router's Web UI or by a Wake-on-LAN tool to wake up the computer remotely. This article will demonstrate two methods about how to wake up the computer by WoL.


Method1: Using Vigor Router to wake up your computer

Settings on the PC:

1. Enter the BIOS of your PC to enable Wake Up On LAN.

2.Click right button of your mouse on PC icon on desktop.

Settings on Vigor Router:

1.Go to LAN >> Bind IP to MAC. Enable Bind IP to MAC. Select your PC's IP address in the ARP Table, add it into IP Bind List then click OK.

2.Go to Applications >> Wake on LAN.

The PC now starts while you click Wake Up!

We could also use the telnet command to wake up your PC:

1.Open the web console on Vigor Router. Command "wol up".

Method2: Using WakeOnLan GUI Tool

We also can wake up the PC remotely by sending the WoL packet by the WakeOnLan tool to Vigor Router.

Additional Step:

1. Download the WakeOnLan GUI tool.

2. Go NAT >> Port Redirection.

3. Go to Applications >> Wake on LAN/WAN >> Wake on WAN.

4. Open up WakeOnLan GUI on the PC.

The PC now starts while you click Wake Up.

Published On:2021-03-18 

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