Introduction to Hotspot Web Portal

Selected Vigor Router supports built-in Hotspot Web Portal, which makes them a suitable Internet gateway in a public area. When customers connect to the router, the router can redirect them to a captive portal for authentication or policy agreement. Also, show the customer a landing page or bulletin message where the hotspot provider can promote themselves.

Portal Login Method

Vigor router offers various portal methods, including click-through, social login, PIN code, and Radius authentication.

As a Hotspot server, Vigor Router supports up to 4 profiles that can apply to different LAN subnet and SSID, so each of the subnet or SSID can have different login methods.  For some examples of setting up Vigor Router as a hotspot, please refer to:

Customized login page

It's possible to customize the background, login page, and policy terms.

hotspot step3


The network administrator can also allow incoming traffic, specific source IP or destination domain, IP, and port to bypass Hotspot web portal.

hotspot step4

Apply to different LAN and SSID

As a Hotspot server, Vigor Router supports up to 4 profiles that can apply to different LAN subnet and SSID.
LAN Subnet interface option refers to wired(Ethernet) interface, wireless SSID which sets in VLAN group is not included.
Wireless SSID should apply to WLAN interfaces down below.

interface configurable

Quota Management

The network administrator can set bandwidth limit, data, and time quota for Hotspot portal.

quota setting

Click the index number to configure the quota policy profile.

  1. Account Validity: We can set up a limit of Expired Time and Idle timeout for clients.
  2. Device Control: We can limit the device number for a single profile. The same user can't be authenticated before the Reconnection time restriction expired.
  3. Set up Bandwidth and Session Limit for the quota policy profile.

Then apply it to each type of Hotspot clients.

quota apply

User information

Vigor router can save and encrypt Hotspot clients' data to the database in USB disk connected to the router.

user database

Published On:2018-11-27 

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