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How to assign an IPv6 address to LAN clients?

Published On: Jun 18, 2019 

This document introduces how to set up Vigor Router for the LAN clients to obtain an IPv6 address from it.

1.Make sure there is a WAN interface that has IPv6 access available. (See Add IPv6 address on router's WAN interface.)


2. Go to LAN >> General Setup, and click on “IPv6” for the LAN subnet to enter IPv6 setting page.


3. In IPv6 Setup page,

  1. Enable IPv6.
  2. Set WAN Primary Interface to the WAN interface that has IPv6 service available.
  3. Enable DHCPv6 Server.
  4. Click OK to apply.


4. With the above configuration, LAN clients will be able to obtain an IPv6 address and an IPv6 Gateway settings from Vigor Router. For windows PC, we may check this by command “ipconfig”.


5. And the PC will be able to ping and get response from an IPv6 host, e.g., “ipv6.google.com”


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