How to set up UPnP

UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) feature makes the Vigor router accept UPnP request from LAN devices, and automatically open the ports so that packets are able to pass through NAT in order to allow Internet device to access internal network.


Setup on Router

Go to Applications >> UPnP,

  1. Enable UPnP Service
  2. Select the WAN interface for UPnP
  3. (optional) Enable connection Control Service to make packets pass through NAT. If you intend running UPnP Service just for LAN network, this option can be disabled.
  4. Click OK
a screenshot of UPnP Settings

How to check UPnP status ?

1. Telnet into the Vigor router

2. Enter the command “upnp nat ”

3. In this example, the UPnP device (Private IP requested for the port 4321 with TCP in the index 1 and the port 1234 with UDP in the index 2.

a screenshot of UPnP Status

Published On:2020-09-16 

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