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Use a Public IP on LAN by Routing Usage LAN

Published On: Mar 23, 2018 

If our ISP allocates a block public IP addresses for us, then we may use the public IP address with IP Routed Subnet or Routing Usage LAN. This article describes how to use a public iP address with Routing Usage LAN.

Suppose ISP provides a public IP subnet for us, and the gateway IP is The public IP addresses we can use are between to The following shows how to set up a non-NAT subnet so that the server behind Vigor Router can use the public IP address

1. Go to LAN >> VLAN,

Enable VLAN Configuration
Set up a VLAN for LAN2 Subnet
Specify the LAN ports that belongs to LAN2 subnet (which is port 5 and 6 in this example), note that these are the ports to which the host should connect

2. Go to LAN >> General Setup, click on Details Page for LAN 2.

3. Set up TCP/IP details for LAN 2, 

  1. Enable LAN2
  2. Select For Routing Usage
  3. Enter the IP Address for the router. Note that this could be the same as router's WAN IP
  4. Enter the Subnet Mask according to ISP.

4. For DHCP Server Configuration, we may either:

After finishing the above configurations, PC or Server that connects to Port 5 or Port 6 with IP settings as IP mask Gateway IP will be able to access Internet through Vigor Router.

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