Allow Hotspot User to Get Login PIN code via voucher

Vigor Router Hotspot supports client login by pre-generated PIN codes. You can also print vouchers with PINs. The setup requires a USB disk attached to the router as the database. Here are the setting details.

Vigor Router Setup

1. Enable the profile, give a comment, and choose "Various Hotspot Login" for Portal Method, then select login method "PIN with Voucher." Click Save and Next to customize the portal page, add whitelist, choose the interface to apply.

a screenshot of hotspot setting

2. Connect a USB disk to the router for Hotspot PIN and database, then check Enable database in Hotspot Web Portal >> Users Information.

a screenshot of hotspot database

3. Go to Hotspot Web Portal >> PIN Generator >> PIN Generator tab

  1. Select the Profile created in step 1.
  2. Give a Batch Name,
  3. Select PIN code length from 6~10 digits,
  4. Select PIN Validity for how long the generated PIN will be kept in the database,
  5. Enter how many PINs  to be created at Quantity,
  6. Select Quota Management Policy of Hotspot clients,
  7. Click Generate

a screenshot of hotspot PIN generator

4. Go to PIN Voucher tab to print out the PIN into vouchers. Choose hotspot profile created in step 1, batch profile created in step 3, then give title, message and PIN information.

a screenshot of hotspot PIN voucher

5. Click Preview and Print. Then the voucher page will pop up

a screenshot of hotspot PIN list

Hotspot Client Login

If the client connected to the selected interface of the router and try to open a web page, they will be redirected to hotspot portal page. They can log in by entering the PIN code printed on the voucher.

a screenshot of hotspot login page

The network administrator can also check each PIN code's status in Web Portal >> PIN Generator >> PIN Status tab

a screenshot of hotspot user status

Published On:2019-06-19 

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