Authenticate Hotspot User with External RADIUS Server

This document demonstrates how to use a hotspot portal with an external Radius server to allow users to log in with user profiles on the external authentication server.

1. Go to Applications >> RADIUS/TACACS+ to set up the server.

  1. Check Enable at the External RADIUS tab
  2. Input the Server IP address
  3. Specify the service port if needed
  4. Input on the shared secret
  5. Click OK to save the configuration
a screenshot of DrayOS RADIUS settings

2. The Router will need a reboot to apply the changes.

a screenshot of the router asking for a restart

3. Go to Hotspot Web Portal >> Profile Setup, click an available index to edit the profile.

a screenshot of DrayOS Hotspot profile list

4. Set up the profile as follows:

  1. Check Enable this profile
  2. Enter comment
  3. Choose Various Hotspot Login for Portal method
  4. Choose Login with RADIUS at Login Methods
  5. Configure the Radius details if needed.
a screenshot of Hotspot profile setup

5. Click Save and Next. Follow the steps to customize the login portal page, set up whitelist, and land pages. Then click Finish.

a screenshot of hotspot profile setup

Published On:2018-12-11 

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