Knowledge Base | LAN Applications

KB 11217  How to Setup Link Aggregation
KB 5423  How to set up Quality of Service (QoS)
KB 7570  Forward All DNS Queries to a Private DNS Server
KB 7562  Wake up your PC by using WoL(Wake on LAN)
KB 7550  How to set up Purple WiFi as an external Hotspot Portal Server (For VigorAP 1060C/960C/AP912C/903)
KB 5475  Use Purple WiFi as the External Hotspot Portal Server
KB 5372  Create Facebook APP for Hotspot Web Portal
KB 7489  How to set up UPnP
KB 7429  Allow Hotspot User to Login via Receiving PIN code by Mail
KB 7407  How to switch WAN2 into LAN port
KB 7403  Allow Hotspot User to Access Internet by Leaving Info
KB 6045  Allow Hotspot User to Get Login PIN code via voucher
KB 5969  How to assign an IPv6 address to LAN clients?
KB 5725  How to fix the connection not private error when using HTTPS Captive Portal for Hotspot
KB 5397  Authenticate Hotspot User with External RADIUS Server
KB 5445  Introduction to Hotspot Web Portal
KB 5314  DHCP Server Options of Vigor Router
KB 5146  Use the Router as a RADIUS Server
KB 4797  Use a Public IP on LAN using 'For Routing Usage' option
KB 4796  Use a Public IP on LAN using 'IP Routed Subnet' Interface
KB 4854  Authenticate users with an AD/LDAP server
KB 5395  Allow Hotspot User to Log In with Social Media Account
KB 5573  Difference between LDAP in Simple mode and Regular mode
KB 5439  Troubleshooting Active Directory/LDAP server issues
KB 5681  Introduction to Bind IP to MAC
KB 5017  Set Time Quota and Data Quota for LAN clients in User-Based Mode
KB 4810  Set up the Router as a PPPoE Server
KB 5731  Local Network Setup and Management
KB 5396  Allow Hotspot User to Get Login PIN code via SMS
KB 5373  Create Google APP for Hotspot Web Portal
KB 5735  Capture Packets on Router's LAN
KB 4004  How to have more subnets in one LAN profile (for Vigor3900/2960)
KB 5462  How to use APP QoS?
KB 3987  How to block or pass traffic between Vigor3900/2960's different LAN networks?
KB 5347  Authenticate users with an RADIUS server in User-Based Management
KB 5022  Set up Vigor Router as an FTP server
KB 4502  How to relay DHCP over LAN? (for Vigor3900/Vigor2960)
KB 5782  How to use Bandwidth Limit
KB 5564  Vigor3900/2960 Hotspot Setup for SMS Login
KB 5786  LAN DNS of Vigor3900/2960
KB 4911  Use Multiple LAN Subnets with Port-Based VLAN
KB 5497  Set time schedule for user's Internet access
KB 5151  Give a Hostname to a LAN server by LAN DNS
KB 5170  Use the Router's Internal RADIUS Server for 802.1X Authentication
KB 4835  User Management with local user database
KB 5152  Use the Router as an SMB Server
KB 4912  Use Multiple LAN Subnets with Tag-Based VLAN
KB 5464  Port-Based Access Control by Wired 802.1X
KB 5656  LPR Printing Setup on Windows
KB 5973  Vigor3900/2960 Hotspot Setup for Guest Profile Login
KB 5264  Forward DNS Queries for Certain Domains to a Private DNS Server