Knowledge Base | LAN-to-LAN VPN

KB 4811  Access Multiple Subnets Through the Same VPN Tunnel
KB 4920  Add a Failover VPN Connection
KB 4919  Add a Load Balance VPN Connection
KB 4300  Apply NAT inside IPsec VPN to match Remote Network's Firewall Policy
KB 5440  Assign a fixed IP address for the remote VPN peer router
KB 5327  Back up a leased line by VPN
KB 5428  Create multiple Phase 2 SA for IPsec tunnel to connect multiple subnets in one VPN profile
KB 5452  Difference between VPN in Route and NAT mode
KB 5220  GRE Tunnel between Cisco and DrayTek Router
KB 5200  GRE Tunnel between Teltonika RUT950 and DrayTek
KB 5994  How to send all the traffic to VPN tunnel on Vigor3900
KB 5371  IKEv2 EAP between NordVPN and Vigor Router
KB 5196  IKEv2 VPN between DrayTek Routers
KB 5328  IKEv2 VPN between Microsoft Azure and Vigor Router
KB 5348  IPsec Tunnel Aggresive Mode between DrayTek Routers
KB 5201  IPsec Tunnel between Cyberoam and DrayTek
KB 5202  IPsec Tunnel between two DrayTek Routers using the same IP subnet
KB 5154  IPsec Tunnel Main Mode between DrayTek Routers (Client with Dynamic IP)
KB 5219  IPsec Tunnel Main Mode between DrayTek Routers (Client with Static IP)
KB 5467  IPsec VPN between a DrayOS router and a Vigor3900/Vigor2960
KB 5762  IPsec VPN between Amazon VPC and DrayTek Router
KB 5424  IPsec VPN between Cisco ASA and Vigor3900
KB 5195  IPsec VPN between Cisco RV Series and DrayTek
KB 5203  IPsec VPN between FortiGate and DrayTek
KB 5325  IPsec VPN between Google Cloud Platform and DrayTek
KB 5793  IPsec VPN between Mikrotik and Vigor Router
KB 5349  IPsec VPN between SonicWALL and Vigor Router
KB 4795  IPsec VPN between Zyxel VMG and Vigor Router
KB 5018  L2TP over IPsec VPN between DrayTek Routers
KB 5745  Single-Arm VPN Configuration
KB 5984  SSL VPN between DrayOS Router and Vigor3900
KB 5983  SSL VPN between two DrayTek Routers