GRE Tunnel between Cisco and DrayTek Router

This document introduces how to set up a GRE tunnel between a Cisco and a Vigor Router, and configure the GRE Tunnel IP address on both sides. GRE tunnel is supported on DrayOS with firmware version 3.8.2 or later.

Cisco Router Setup

1. Create a GRE Tunnel Interface on Cisco:

>2. Add a route to Vigor Router's network to be sent to the GRE Tunnel Interface

Vigor Router Setup

3. On Vigor Router, go to VPN and Remote Access >> LAN to LAN to create a profile as follows:

4. In GRE Settings:

5. In TCP/IP Network Settings:

Checking Connectivity

After the tunnel is up, from a computer on the Vigor Router's LAN, we will be able to ping the network.

The GRE interface's IP address is also reachable.

>In fact, by “tracert” command, we will see the packets are sent to the GRE interface's IP address first.

Published On: Jan 28, 2016 

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