GRE Tunnel between Cisco and DrayTek Router

This document introduces how to set up a GRE tunnel between a Cisco and a Vigor Router, and configure the GRE Tunnel IP address on both sides. GRE tunnel is supported on DrayOS with firmware version 3.8.2 or later.

Cisco Router Setup

1. Create a GRE Tunnel Interface on Cisco:

>2. Add a route to Vigor Router's network to be sent to the GRE Tunnel Interface

Vigor Router Setup

Before setting up the tunnel, please make sure PPTP service is enabled in VPN and Remote Access >> Remote Access Control.

3. On Vigor Router, go to VPN and Remote Access >> LAN to LAN to create a profile as follows:

4. In GRE Settings:

5. In TCP/IP Network Settings:

Checking Connectivity

After the tunnel is up, from a computer on the Vigor Router's LAN, we will be able to ping the network.

The GRE interface's IP address is also reachable.

>In fact, by “tracert” command, we will see the packets are sent to the GRE interface's IP address first.

Published On:2016-01-28 

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