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Force LAN Clients to use YouTube in Restricted Mode

Published On: Nov 08, 2017 

Youtube provides Restricted Mode that helps screen out potentially objectionable content that you may prefer not to see or don't want others in your network to stumble across while enjoying YouTube. The example below shows how to configure Vigor Router to force LAN clients to use Youtube in Restricted mode.

1. Go to Applications >> LAN DNS/DNS Forwarding, and click on an index number to edit the profile:

  1. Enable this profile.
  2. Enter Profile name
  3. Enter "www.youtube.com" as Domain Name
  4. For CNAME, enter "restrict.youtube.com" to use "Strict Restricted Mode"; or "restrictmoderate.youtube.com" to use "Moderate Restricted Mode".
  5. Click OK to apply the settings

2. Similarly, setup LAN DNS profiles for the following youtube domain names:

3. With the above LAN DNS configurations, when LAN clients open Youtube, they will be redirected to the Restricted Mode Server of Youtube.

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