Differences among Port Redirection, Open Ports and DMZ

The Vigor router supports three methods of port mapping to forward the traffic on the router's WAN interface to a specific LAN host and make it accessible from the Internet. There are Port Redirection, Open Ports, and DMZ Host.

  Port Redirection Open Ports DMZ Host
Specify WAN Interface Yes Yes Yes
Specify Destination Port Yes Yes -
No. of Port Per Rule One Multiple Multiple
Destination Port Translation Yes - -
Priority Highest   Lowest


Port Redirection - The packet with the specified port number.is forwarded onto a specific LAN host  You can also translate the port to another local port.

Open Ports - It is the same as Port Redirection (described above) but allows you to define a range of ports.

DMZ Host - This opens up a single host to the Internet completely. All incoming packets will be forwarded to the DMZ host, Except packets received in response to outgoing requests from other LAN host or incoming packets which match the rules of Port Redirection and Open Ports.

When using combinations of these three methods, there is a priority structure Port Redirection >> Open Ports >> DMZ. For example, if an Open Ports rule conflicts with a Port Redirection rule, then Port Redirection will take effect.

Published On:2016-11-20 

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