Find out which websites are visited by the LAN clients

Syslog feature provides users to monitor Vigor Router or for debugging. Also, we can use Syslog to track the browsing histories of LAN clients. Since we want to print out the accessed URL log, we need to enable the URL Filter feature and DNS Filter feature; however, we may use a null URL filter and DNS filter so that no website will be blocked. This note will demonstrate how to record the websites accessed by LAN clients.

Create a URL Filter and apply it to a Firewall Rule

1. Go to Objects Setting >> Keyword Object, click an Index number

  1. Enter Name
  2. Enter some null contents
  3. Click OK to save.

2. Create a URL Content Filter Profile at CSM >> URL Content Filter Profile, click a Profile number:

  1. Enter Profile Name
  2. Select Priority to “Either: URL Access Control First”
  3. Sel Log to “All” so that all the URL logged no matter they are passed or blocked
  4. Enable URL Access Control
  5. Select “Block” for URL Access Control Action
  6. Click Edit and select the Keyword Object created in Step 1
  7. Click OK to save

3. Go to CSM >> DNS Filter. Click on a Profile number in DNS Filter Profile Table:

  1. Enter Profile Name
  2. Select UCF (URL Content Filter) as the URL Content Filter Profile created in Step 2
  3. Click OK to save

4. Apply the URL Content Filter and DNS Filter to the Firewall Rule, and also remember to enable Syslog. Go to Firewall >> Filter Setup >> Set 2 (Default Data Filter). Click on a Filter Rule number

  1. Enable the Filter Rule
  2. Leave source IP, destination IP, and service type as Any
  3. Select Filter as “Pass Immediately”
  4. Select the profile created in step 2 for URL Content Filter and enable Syslog
  5. Select the profile created in step 3 for DNS Filter and enable Syslog
  6. Click OK to save

Save Syslog to a USB drive

5. Insert one USB, and go to USB Application >> USB Device Status to check if the Connection Status shows “Disk connected.”

6. To save Syslog to the USB drive, go to System Maintenance >> SysLog / Mail Alert Setup.

  1. Enable Syslog Access
  2. Enable USB Disk to make sure that logs will be saved in the device.
  3. Enable Firewall Log only
  4. Click OK to save

7. When the above settings are done, go to USB Application >> File Explorer to check the logs saved in a new folder “SysLog” in the USB device. Websites history are recorded one by one that network administrators can check clearly.

Create a URL Filter

1. Go to Firewall>Filter Setup>URL/Web Content Filter and click Add

  1. Enter Profile name and Enable it
  2. Enable SysLog and More log
  3. Create any keyword to be accepted
  4. Click Apply to save.

a screenshot of ucf

2. Go to System Maintenance>Syslog/Mail Alert>Syslog Access Setup and Enable User Access Log, the syslog file can also be saved in USB disk or syslog server.

a screenshot of syslog setting

Now we can check which webistes are visited by the LAN client in syslog file


Published On: 2016-01-22 

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