Block Facebook Games Only

With URL Content Filter and DNS Filter, Vigor Router can block the LAN clients from Facebook games, while allowing them to access the Facebook main page and messenger.

1. Create a Keyword Object Profile at Objects Setting >> Keyword Object, click an available Index number:

  1. Enter Profile Name
  2. Enter "apps.facebook" for Contents
  3. Click OK to save
creating a keyword object for facebook app

2. Create a URL Content Filter Profile at CSM >> URL Content Filter Profile, click an available Profile number:

  1. Enter Profile Name
  2. Select Priority as "Either: URL Access Control First"
  3. Enable URL Access Control.
  4. Select URL Access Control Action as "Block".
  5. Click Edit and select the Keyword Object created in Step 1
  6. Click OK to save.
creating a URL Filter to block the facebook app

3. Create a DNS Profile at CSM >> DNS Filter, click on an available Profile number in DNS Filter Profile Table:

  1. Enter Profile Name
  2. Select UCF as the URL Content Filter Profile created in Step 2
  3. Click OK to save
a DNS filter to extend the URL filter

4. To apply the URL Content Filter and DNS Filter to the Firewall Rule, go to Firewall >> General Setup >> Default rule:

  1. Select URL Content Filter as the profile created in Step 2
  2. Select DNS Filter as the profile created in Step 3
  3. Click OK to apply
a screenshot of applying the URL filter and DNS filter in Firewall Default Rule

Open and click Games. It is still possible to see the pages that list all the games. 

Verifying the firewall rule by opening facebook games

However, select one of the games and we will see the page is blocked.

the facebook game was blocked by Vigor Firewall Router
Trouble Shooting

If Facebook Game service is not blocked as expected, try:

Published On:2017-04-11 

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