Changing the WCF Service Provider

Currently, Vigor Router has two Web Content Filter (WCF) service providers, they are BPjM and Cyren. The network administrator can choose one WCF service provider at a time to prevent the LAN clients to access the websites in the forbidden category. To change the service provider, the network administrator will need to perform this change on MyVigor website.

Please notice that it is necessary to link to the MyVigor website from the "Activate" link of router page.We will describe how to change the WCF service provider step by step in the following paragraph. Please notice this kind of service providers changing is to help the network administrator to select the adaptive service during valid license period but not to extend license validity.


1. Login the WUI of your router, then go to CSM >> Web Content Filter Profile page.

2. Click "Activate" link on the top right of this page.



If you are using Vigor3900/2960/300B, please go to Objects Setting >> Web Category Object >> Content Filter License, click "Activate URL".


3. Login to MyVigor on the pop-out window.


4. Click "On" button in the roll of the service provider you would like to change to.


5. You will be redirected to the activation success page.


If you are using Vigor3900/2960/300B, the page will be like:


8. Please go back to the WUI of your Vigor Router again, to confirm the WCF service provider has changed successfully.

Published On: May 09, 2017 

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